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100% off Liootech Osmo Pocket Handheld Phone Holder from Amazon

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  • Special Handles and Tripods Accessories: Extend the Osmo Pocket usage scenario, ideal for shooting and recording indoors or while traveling 
  • Cold Shoe: This mount designed with Cold Shoe interface. Easy to to set up the external flash 
  • Twist Bolt Design: No need to pull it open, just screw it open, put the phone in and then tighten according to the size. Safer and more durable
  • High-quality: Solid superb hard plastic and CNC Aluminum alloy Tripods holds the Osmo Pocket and Phone securely 
  • More Stable: Shaking will not damage the mobile phone usb connection with Osmo Pocket. Soft fabrics, will not scratch the camera body 


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